Denim Jacket- A 365-have Choice that Can be Worn With Absolutely Everything

Messy Dress Up in Season? You can get a denim jacket.

Singer Mac Demarco once said in an interview: “For me, the denim suit is the first choice for dressing.” So what do you wear for the cold weather? Of course, the coat master of autumn and winter- denim jacket!

Yes~ The jean jacket is a must-have 365 days a year. It’s the wardrobe staple that just keeps reinventing itself. Layered over a turtleneck in below zero temperatures or thrown over your shoulders with a delicate summer dress, this jacket truly goes with everything.

R13 2019 spring and summer collection

1,Acid Wash Denim

In the spring fashion show of 2019, Proenza Schouler used the acid wash denim to run through all design of this season, opening with a tailored acid wash denim suit, it seems to open a new chapter in the use of acid wash denim!

Proenza Schouler 2019 Spring Summer Collection

Although the denim jacket is a versatile piece, the wearing effect of the “beef mottled” texture is still somewhat difficult, causing many people to avoid it. So how to control it?

The “negative plus negative equal to positive” mix and match rule is very practical in driving difficult elements. Oversize loose acid wash denim jacket can be paired with yellow leopard-print cycling shorts, huge shaped earrings. More vivid color and singular elements can transfer a single sight from “beef mottled” texture, making it a suitable wearing.

2,A line that makes your denim coat advanced and stylish?

The open line is a frequent occurrence of elements in recent seasons, and a large part of it appears on denim. The dark denim contrasts sharply with the color of the line.

Proenza Schouler 2019 Spring Summer Collection

The open line not only plays a role in sewing the pieces and connecting the various parts in the clothing. It can also play a decorative and beautifying role, making the monotonous solid color suits more textured and more perfect for the perfect curve.

AG Jeans 2018 spring and summer collection

For those who like minimalist style, this open line must not be missed. The monotonous white-waist denim jacket is stitched and decorated with bright lines at the waist. The effect of that line is better than a belt. With it, your image is incorporating a sense of laziness and a little understated elegance.

3,The bleak autumn needs a little color!

The blue basic model is a good choice for the denim jacket, but choose a conspicuous color denim can also have an incredible effect . However, if you choose the wrong one, it will only be ugly instead of fashionable, so how to choose it will not step on the thunder?

4,Tattered Denim

Tattered denim has always been one of the most street-conscious denim, and one of the elements that has been popular since the last century. However, the emergence of holes at that time was not due to catching up with the trend, but to resist the mainstream. Such courageous elements are naturally favored by the stars who are walking in the fashion front.

The Tattered denim jacket has always been the standard of the rebellious girl. If you feel that wearing a sweater to lose a personality, you may put on a hoodie in the denim stack, it’s warm and stylish!

Lfte:House of Holland 2018 Autumn and Winter Collection

Right:ANNAKIKI 2018 Spring and Summer Collection

Lfte:VICTORIA/TOMAS 2018 Autumn and Winter Collection

Right:ANNAKIKI 2018 Spring and Summer Collection

The autumn and winter seasons are coming, and the beautiful people have already bought one of the most practical and fashionable denim jackets. What about the most fashionable you?



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