Outfits from ‘Friends’ Rachel Can Inspire Your Wardrobe

    I believe that you guys are definitely familiar with ‘Friends’, and especially one of characters called Rachel Green. Since she was so charming and always the one we want to dress like! (Monica and Phoebe, please remember we always love you two.) There is no doubt that nearly 20 years later, we can’t resist the charms from Rachel and her incredibly awesome outfits style! Up to now, Rachel’s outfits in this series are still worth learning. Since they were simply classical and timeless always. So, let’s see if ‘Friends’ Rachel outfits can inspire your wardrobe!


  • Off-white Turtleneck Sweater and Plaid Skirt with Knee-high Socks

Off-white Turtleneck Sweater and Plaid Skirt with Knee-high Socks

    This classic look in the season one episode impressed me a lot. It looks simple but really cute and energetic. High waist plaid skirt and knee-high socks can effectively lift the waistline. And there is no denying that this look is suitable for transitional weather in fall.



  • Jumpsuit Over the Shirt—Classical Office Look

Black Jumpsuits office

    This one of her office looks was simple but trendy and still in and practical for women daily office outfit. For me, this look just never out of date and virtually give out the scent of sophistication. It must be one of the most classical looks of office lady.



  • Leopard Print Turtleneck and Dangling Earrings

Leopard print top

    Leopard print clothes are always kind of wild beauty in my mind. Yes, they are in this fall and winter. This leopard look showed Rachel’s daintiness from inside and out. A good leopard print piece in wardrobe is a must.



  • Brown Leather Jacket

Brown Leather Jacket

    This casual brown leather jacket looks like a boyfriend jacket, since it seemed a little bit oversized. With it, Rachel just likes a cute and boyish girl, driving a coooool motorbike definitely.



  • Puffy Shoulders White Blouse

Puffy Shoulders White Blouse

    Simple white color blouse with special puff shoulders added kind of sweet and cute scent. Square round collar and buttons decoration can effectively visually lengthen the neck.



  • White T-shirt with Pale Pink Shirt

Rachel Pink shirt

    This unforgettable look proves a saying “Much simpler, more classical.” With this pale pink shirt, Rachel looks gentle and cute at night. She even knotted the shirt at her waist to show waistline then it would look more casual.



  • Floor-length Dress

Floor-length Dress

    Oh my, what a sexy and fit body! Two colors skinny strap dress highlight the figure of body without reservation. Though the dress is simply and straightly designed, still generous and grace. It would be always a good choice for get-together and date.



  • Pale Wine Red Suit & A Taupe Blazer

    Blazer suit

    Rachel Green’s office looks were always delicate. The similar color scarf and V-neck white T-shirt make traditional suits look modern-day.



  • Black Shirt, Denim Overall and White Shoes

Black Shirt Denim Overall

    Snappy denim overall complements the simple black shirt, liven and stylized the whole looking. Matching with classical white shoes, this casual and vintage look is my favorite without any doubts.


Women denim overall jumpsuits




    Have you got some inspiration for your wardrobe after browsing Friends Rachel outfits? Then feel free to leave a comment to let us know! Thanks in advance for your brilliant ideas! We will always supply quality fashion info for you!

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