Rihanna’s First-ever Makeup Tutorail On Youtube – Purple Holiday Makeup

Recently, a series of posters of rihanna’s beauty makeup hit a wave.

Rihanna new post

As one of the world’s most famous singers and beauty blogger, Rihanna’s beauty and makeup career has become as popular as her singing career. Over the years, Rihanna has used some of the best products in the beauty world, but still found a vacancy in the industry in products that applied to all skin types and skin tones, inspiring her to create her own brand. In 2015, Rihanna has registered a cosmetics brand with her own name – Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.Rihanna said she hopes to create “something she likes” during the design process, and that girls of all colors will find something they like. Fenty Beauty, for example, offers 40 different color sizes for $34.

 Rihanna showed and shared her first-ever makeup tutorial on he brand’s Youtube <Fenty Beauty By Rihanna> that has subscribers at last week.  So far, the video has been viewed 1,040,000 times. It also announced that Rihanna will share a new makeup tutorial every week~And Rihanna did post her another  makeup video that shared her easy eyeliner tutorial and how to wear black liptick using Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint on Youtube on this Tuesday.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Today, we will share the first makeup tutorial by Rihanna on Onctober 16. She shared her shinny and beautiful makeup used her brand’s products – a sparkling highlighter eyeshadow plate and purple lipstick.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Products

As a singer with a distinct style, Rihanna has her own unique beauty taste, and she loves all dramatic elements. Exaggeration, brightness and high profile are her style.Rihanna’s BEAUTY brand FENTY BEAUTY not only has a high level of appearance and appearance, but the product has received a wave of praise since its launch. Not every singer knows how to make up. Rihanna must be a special case.

Rihanna's purple makeup

Well, let‘s look back on Rihanna’s new purple make up in new poster , and the look on Rihanna’s self-described dramatic holiday look looks exaggerated and stunning, so check out her tutorial.

Freestyle Highlighter Palettehightlighter eyeshadow colors

Rihanna eyes makeup tutorail

Use a slightly purplish color <STONE CLOD> for the entire eyelid.

Rihanna eyes makeup tutorail

Then use a baby blue pearlescent eyeshadow <CHILLZ> to highlight the head eye position to make the eye more colorful.

Rihanna makeup tutorail

Rihanna makeup tutorail

Rihanna makeup tutorail

Use violet blue color <SUBZERO> next, deepen the position of eye socket, let eye makeup have a natural dizzy catch between light purple and violet blue.

Rihanna Highlighter blusherSince be purple theme, so cheek red and gao guang also must be purple, it is vigour and high!

Rihanna Purple Lipstick

Finally come a purple lipstick, perfect purple holiday makeup done?

Of course not, all said that the makeup is to take care of the whole body, with a purple polarized light of highlights to the collarbone, so that it is complete.

Rihanna body Highlighter

Makeup is not only limited to the face, the delicate pig girl is also to take care of the body. Rihanna said the eyeshadow highlighter palette can use on both face and body.

RihannaLook at the Rihanna’s purple holiday makeup like in the painting, isn’t it beautiful?

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